SOBR's patented technology, with the quick touch of a finger on the sensor, determines a person's Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).

If the driver's BAC is above a pre-set limit, the engine will not start. Zero Tolerance (commercial) vehicles will not allow any BAC at all. Public vehicle owners may choose to have the factory pre-set the BAC tolerance to whatever the state's legal limits are.


SOBR can be installed in under one hour and requires recalibration only once every two years.


SOBR prevents engine start up if the blood alcohol level is above a pre-set level.

As drivers go down the street or highway, a voice will ask you to re-test by placing your finger on the sensor again. Assuming the BAC is still below the pre-set limit, the driver continues down the road. This random re-test can be set for 1-3 times per hour. If the driver either refuses a re-test or tests above the BAC limit, they will be given 2-3 minutes to pull the vehicle over and turn off the engine. If there is a co-driver and that driver has a BAC below the pre-set limit, they can then test and start the engine. If there is no co-driver, then the driver must wait until their body metabolizes the alcohol and can then re-test and start the engine. If a driver either refuses the rolling re-test or tests positive and does not pull over within 2-3 minutes, the emergency flashers and the headlights go off and on and the horn honks on and off until the engine is turned off.

Options available when combined with a GPS unit:
  • GPS device with On Demand and Scheduled GPS Location
  • Geo-fencing
  • GPS "breadcrumb trail" of position markers
  • Ignition/Idle Detection
  • Tow Detection
  • Vehicle Speed Tracking
  • On Demand Starter Interrupt
  • Rolling re-tests for alcohol levels
  • Biometric Driver Identification - alerts when driver changes
  • Speed Detection
  • Redundant Theft System
  • In-vehicle recorder* - can be optionally installed with SOBR for EOBR compliance


SOBR is a proactive drunk driving device that alerts the driver before they turn the ignition key. Breathalyzers are reactive devices, court ordered after a driver has been caught.

SOBR measures blood alcohol levels. Breathalyzers measure breath alcohol levels. The legal language in all 50 states is written around blood alcohol levels. Therefore, lawyers often challenge breathalyzer results in court since they measure "breath" not "blood" levels of alcohol. This is one of the reasons that in many states, road side tests using breathalyzers by law officers are NOT admissible in court.

SOBR tests are conducted by placing a finger tip on a sensor. Breathalyzers require repeated blowing of warm moist air into a container which can act as a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Homeostatic variables such as breathing rate, body temperature, are all known to affect breathalyzer readings. SOBR results are not affected by any of these homeostatic variables since the SOBR analysis measures internal fluids, not breath.


The recent OOIDA legal victory vacated a regulation mandating electronic on-board recorders that would have gone into effect in June 2012. It has also sent the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration back to the drawing board on its proposed full EOBR mandate. While it remains to be seen what the final mandate will be, the industry appears to be committed to addressing the issue. SOBR equipment is designed to meet or exceed the current EOBR recommendations and is a proactive approach to maintaining high standards for safety.

* Many insurance companies have indicated that vehicles with the SOBR device would qualify for an approximate 10% discount on the insurance for that vehicle. As the laws in all 50 states vary, some insurance companies have stated they have a point system and that vehicles with SOBR would be awarded extra points thereby lowering the insurance costs for that vehicle, or vehicles in the case of fleets.

Manage fleet liability with confidence and control
Save lives
Save medical costs, vehicle and structures repair
Eliminate alcohol-related lawsuits
Easily administered
Measure Blood Alcohol level - the legal requirement -
Reliable instant results
Insurance discounts*

18 Wheelers
Assembly Lines
Construction Equipment
Earth Moving Equipment
Fire Trucks
Fleet Operators
Fork Lifts
Government Vehicles
Light Rail / Subway
Manufacturing / Construction Equipment
Ocean-going Commercial and Cruise Ships
Passenger Trains
Rental Cars
Rental Trucks
School Buses
Shuttle and Airport Vans
Tug Boats
Zero Tolerance Applications